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As human beings, how we connect to one another influences profoundly how we feel. Relationships, whether they are with family, friends or lovers, are central to good mental health, and consequently impact hugely on every aspect of life. 

The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. 

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Do you feel unhappy or numb and not sure what is causing it? Are you often irritable or have angry outbursts without an obvious reason or out of proportion with what happened? Have you noticed a pattern of giving more in relationships than you get back? Is it hard to find joy and generally think of your needs?

Counselling will help relieve overwhelming feelings such as anxiety and unhappiness, understand the causes better and identify needs and ways of addressing them more effectively. 

Face to face sessions last 50 min and cost £55. Online sessions last up to 60 min and cost £55.

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Relationships are complex and a source of great joy and/or misery. It's not something taught in school, sadly, but somehow we are expected to navigate them with great ease and walk together into the sunset. Most of us don't actually have reliable role models, so it's little surprise that we encounter difficulties. 

Early help prevents getting to the point of no return, where, at least for one of the partners, love has died and it's not possible to resuscitate it. 

At the core of couple counselling is better understanding of dynamics at work, of one-self and the other, leading to more empathy and underpinned by effective communication.

Face to face sessions last 50 minutes and cost £70. Online sessions last 60min and cost £70.

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